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Privacy Policy

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6MonthsLoans.com is intended strictly to the legal residents of the united states over 18 years old. If you opt to use 6MonthsLoans.com you willingly and expressly accept that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms of privacy policy and the terms and conditions stated by here. You should refuse to use the service of 6MonthsLoans.com if you do not understand or do not agree with the privacy policy or other bounding documents associated with the website.

Generally, the information you provide is used to comply with your requirements regarding your request, respond to your application and enable connection with the third party products, services, offers or promotions considering your enquiry. 6MonthsLoans.com can pass your information to a third party lender, service provider, marketing company we work with so that to provide you with the products and services you have expressed interest in. These third parties may verify your social security number, driver’s license number or other federal or state identification, as well as review your credit worthiness through national databases that may include Equifax, Transunion, Experian and other credit bureaus. By submitting your information to 6MonthsLoans.com, you agree that they may obtain such credit reports and verify your information.

6MonthsLoans.com is committed to protecting your information and have a very strong position on protecting consumer information. Our lending networks use SSL encryption so the information you provide on the request form is protected. We require our third party partners to keep your information confidential and secure.

If you register on 6MonthsLoans.com and accept the terms, you agree that we may provide your information to third party marketers and you realize that your information can be used for advertising purposes, including but not limiting in the form of email, SMS/text messages and telemarketing calls. The telephone number you render (including cellphone) can be used to make calls offering assistance to your loan inquiries, or other credit products or services which appeared the matter of your interest according to your requests (notwithstanding that your number(s) may be listed on a corporate, state, or federal Do-Not-Contact registry, suppression list, or the like).

Your information may be used to contact you for marketing purposes (using direct mail, email, telemarketing calls and SMS/text messages, online banner advertisements). Moreover your information can be used to track your online activity across different websites in the Web and learn about your searching and using habits to improve your user experience, as well as to proceed with further advertising for products and/or services and/or to determine the online areas, which you visit most frequently.

6MonthsLoans.com cannot control the privacy practices of third parties. It is possible they can retain or exploit your information despite you do not use their products and/or services. You should contact these third parties to learn more about their privacy and information sharing practices so that to get a complete set of information. Please, contact the third parties directly if you with you eliminate your information from their list or have any questions regarding their services.

Using 6MonthsLoans.com or receiving emails you may encounter the usage of cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, browser analysis tools and web server logs. These features are used to monitor your online behavior, collect the information regarding the operating system and browser you use, as well as monitor the web pages and emails you view, keep track of the IP addresses of the devices you use and contact with the services you use online. Moreover, these tools enable to record the information regarding your clicks and the usage of online advertisements and webpage links, as well as such specifications as the language of you system and the time zones and locations you are in.

When 6MonthsLoans.com use cookies, we mean small unique files assigned by a webpage server to the users when they visit these pages and perform activities, such as clicking and linking. Thus, cookies add information about your behavior to your unique profile. These files can be stored in web server logs and on your computer, and later they are transmitted to us or/and Third Party Marketers by your computer. Cookies can decipher your behavior online, show details about your preferences, store the information about your account and browsing habits. Moreover, you can be recognized when you return to the sites and get services tailored to your interests defined by your online behavior. Additionally, these small files assist to detect fraud upon suspicion and help organize the terms to provide you with better browsing experience.

Different cookies have different life length: some are temporary, others last longer. While session cookies (temporary) are used to manage page views (apart from other functions) and are erased as soon as you exit the browser, persistent cookies (permanent) are stored on your computer for longer periods and used later after you exit the session with your browser. You can either make your browser request every time a cookie is set or modify the preferences of your browser regarding cookies in your own preferable way.